The reason for our absence – A DVees Wedding

Apologies for the sporadic posts, we were busy planning a wedding! We can finally breathe now that it is over and are fully recovered. V3 got married yay! As much as we are very similar, we are all so very unique and so was the wedding. The day was very V3 and H3 and had their names written all over it (literally lol). The atmosphere, ambience, emotions, geekiness and cuteness! We all had to work very hard to plan, strategise and style the wedding.

Vese-Kunle-370  Vese-Kunle-371Vese-Kunle-769  Vese-Kunle-768

Once we had all the fundamentals on lock down, we started planning the details. We must say that H3 was the perfect groom. He was so helpful and very involved which made it so much easier for all of us especially as he is the talented one when it comes to graphics, designs etc.

We must say V3 was the calmest bride we have ever seen. She was lovely, stress-free and very much organised. V2 was the bridezilla (hahaha). V3 was actually calming everyone down a day before the traditional wedding, V2 was having a bridezilla moment and V3 sorted things out – at a point, V4 got confused who the bride was (haha). V1 and V2 were panicking about not having dresses close to the wedding and V3 found all our dresses and made sure we were sorted. The only issue we had with her was finding a wedding dress, OMD! She was soooo particular. She must have tried at least 35 dresses. We got so tired, she eventually bought 2 dresses sigh. Mummy DVees saved us, she saw both dresses and in her eyes there was a clear winner #phew. Anyway, that’s another story. lol

Logo and Branding: Understanding the power of branding and being the most geeky pair ever, V3 and H3 wanted a wedding logo; one that portrayed them. After giving Design by Nuff their specs, he came up with the fantastic logo below which we all loved!


Wedding Invites: These were designed and printed solely by H3 (3Alpha Studios). He designed these along with the advice cards (below), programme and recipe book (shown later)


  20140625_192259 20140625_192429  20140625_192608


Prewedding Pictures: They both went to Imperial College and are annoyingly in love with their university. They also started dating during their first year at Imperial so they decided to take it back to where it began. They had Imperial college varsity jackets (such geeks! actually we lie, they were quite cool but we hate to admit it to them haha). They did the photoshoot at Imperial College in South Kensignton. We made blown up pictures from it and placed them around the wedding reception room. Photoshoot by Adebayo Deru

  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_20 Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_23  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_55 Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_47  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_46 Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_58  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_44 Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_80  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_68  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_77  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_73
Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_15  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_10  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_85
Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_52  Kunle_Vese_Prewedding_53

Church venue: St Marys Paddington Green – They wanted a church that would let their pastor and church conduct the ceremony. They met with a few churches but found the Vicar at St Marys to be a gift from God. He was nice, lovely and simply perfect.

Reception venue: The Landmark London – only V3 could have got away with having English food at her wedding but it worked! V3 and H3 insisted they were bored with the typical Nigerian food and wanted something different – fusion if possible. They also wanted an experience for their guests that included a sit down service with guests served and waited on. We all went for a few tasting sessions and we eventually gave the chef a DVees chicken recipe which worked perfectly for guests. The food (from canapés to starters to main) was nicely spiced and very filling. (Kudos to the Landmark chef)

  Vese-Kunle-402  Vese-Kunle-403 Vese-Kunle-404  Vese-Kunle-407 Vese-Kunle-409  Vese-Kunle-414 Vese-Kunle-415  Vese-Kunle-422 Vese-Kunle-423  Vese-Kunle-424 Vese-Kunle-425  Vese-Kunle-426 Vese-Kunle-427  Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 20.52.38 1


Cake by DVees: V3 always said she wanted a DVees cake and was going to make her own wedding cake – we always thought she was joking especially as we did not think she would have the time to make a wedding cake in the midst of everything else and neither of us would have been able to help as we normally bake together. When the time came, she started buying equipment and ingredient we thought she was crazy. She insisted on making her own cake and so we let her! She did it all by herself, from start to finish. We had a lot of mixed feelings initially. We knew she could do it if she had time, had one of us working with her and it was not her own wedding BUT she had NO time, was crazily busy, the rest of us were busy and it WAS HER OWN WEDDING. Anyway, she surprised us all when we saw the finished product we were so proud of her. Considering all else, she did a fantastic job. We cannot imagine what she would have done if she had all the time in the world. We present you a DVees Wedding Cake.

Vese-Kunle-550  Vese-Kunle-549


Favours: weirdly enough, we battled with this a bit. We were thinking of the best and most feasible way to have a touch of DVees. We had given DVees cake mix (picture below) at the bridal shower and didn’t want to repeat the same thing.

 DSC02913  DSC02910 DSC02925  DSC02937

We opted for chapman and JarCakes, we kept thinking of more. V2 came up with the fantastic idea of creating a recipe book with V3 and H3’s favourite recipes – H3 (3Alpha Studios) designed these. The gift bags were topped up with VK mugs and towels. To complete the favours, we got VK branded bags to go with them. We later realised we didn’t have enough time to make the JarCakes as well as organise the wedding, Daddy DVees came up with the fantastic idea of Suya in a Jar (JarSuya?) to be given just after service as people leave the church. Daddy DVees is our inspiration; he knows his food.

So we ended up with
1) DVees Chapman
2) V3 and H3 favourite recipe book (designed by H3 – 3Alpha Studios and  recipes by DVees)
3) VK mugs (by Mastroe manufacturing)
4) Face towels
5) DVees Suya jars

***Click here for a PDF version of the Recipe Book Vese & Kunle Recipe Book

 Vese-Kunle-417  Vese-Kunle-418

 IMG_20140624_175854 IMG_20140624_180108 20140623_115743  20140623_115755IMG_20140624_180111  IMG-20140504-WA0008IMG-20140504-WA0007  IMG_20140624_180117
20140623_115411  20140623_115446

Wedding Programme and wrist bands: V3 and H3 didn’t want regular programmes. We thought it would add a nice personal touch to the day but were sceptical of how it would turn out. However when we saw the first draft designed by H3 of course (3 Alpha Studios), we got pretty excited. The programmes were accompanied by VK wristbands!!! They also had a customised guestbook, glow sticks for the evening dancing and a few other things.


CoverPage-02  Wedding Programme Back Page
Vese-Kunle-153  Vese-Kunle-228 Vese-Kunle-80  Vese-Kunle-227 Vese-Kunle-216  Vese-Kunle-112

20140623_115220  20140623_115236 20140623_115244

  20140623_115343  20140623_115005

  20140623_115055  20140623_115041


Wedding App (Wedding Party App): Being the geeky pair they are, they initially wanted to develop a wedding app but decided against it. Fortunately, they found the ‘Wedding Party App’ which was perfect. We instantly loved it – DVees Approved :). All you do is download the app from Google play store or apple store, register and join the wedding by entering the wedding name. Wedding name: veekay2014

The idea is you take all phone pictures via the app. This uploads onto the app in a timeline format for all guests to see and allows the couple to have a view of their wedding from the guest’s perspective. It’s quite easy to use and we highly recommend it – for all you instagrammers out there, it is pretty much the same concept.

Online link to wedding app:


Screenshot_2014-06-25-15-40-12 Screenshot_2014-06-25-15-40-43 Screenshot_2014-06-25-15-41-36 Screenshot_2014-06-25-15-40-01 Screenshot_2014-06-25-15-40-34 Screenshot_2014-06-25-15-56-28

Official Video and Pictures:
 For a snapshot of the wedding, see the wedding trailer and a few of the pictures below.


For some the pictures, click here -> Wedding Pictures


Wedding trailer:

SPECIAL THANKS to the Chief Bridesmaid and Best (Wo)man; V4. She played her roles excellently. hehe.


And of course, we could not have done it all by ourselves. We would like to say a special thank you to our lovely vendors!


  • Wedding Car – Infiniti Concierge  – 020 8593 4460
  • Wedding Day Coordination – Toyin Kayode – |  Assistant – Tola Adeyefa
  • Photography – Adebayo Deru
  • Videography – Special Functions
  • Wedding IV, Programme & Recipe Book – 3Alpha Studios
  • Wedding Cake – DVees
  • Favours (Bags, Chapman, Suya, Recipe Book) – DVees
  • Evening dress – Tai Beni – – +2348122218945
  • Bride’s Make up – Alison Cameron
  • Bridesmaids Make up – Tosin MAK for Pretty Woman Makeup
  • Hair – Hair by Abike
  • DJ – DJ MRi
  • Centre pieces and Lighting – Picture Perfect Events
  • Venue – The Landmark London
  • Photobooth – Picture Blast
  • Bouquet – Raremee

Vintage themed bridal shower for V3 – Planned and Styled by DVees

To celebrate sweet, adorable and loveable Vese aka Likilikimama aka BabaK’s Rosie; our very own V3 of DVees, we threw her an intimate vintage themed bridal shower. With beautiful vintage china, a pretty pink sweets table, a chapman lemonade station and pastel flowers we created the ultimate girly girl shower.

Looking for a venue with the décor that we wanted or one that would give us the free rein to style as we wished was proving difficult so we decided to use V2’s home as the location for the shower and transform and style it to create a pretty but shabby chic atmosphere.

Planning was soo much fun, we had so many hilarious moments:
1. V4 initially found a vintage tearoom that was the perfect venue for the shower, she was about to sign the contract when V2 reviewed the documentation and found that the tea room was in Yorkshire (198 miles from where we reside)…….V4 has great ideas but can be in her own world sometimes.

2. V1 insisting that only canapés weren’t going to fly and that we had to serve jollof rice and chicken as well so people were satisfied… V1 and her typical mummy behaviour :)

3. V2 asking V1 to tie ropes on the balloons so they could float. V1 calmly responding if the balloons aren’t floating now why will they float if I tie ropes on them. And the 30secs it took V2 to realise that the balloons didn’t have helium so they couldn’t float. She’s the non-scientist in the house… can’t blame her

So many more that will take too long to explain in this post…

We enjoyed planning; everyone had their own little project and what they were interested in and it made us remember just how similar and also different we are. V1 was all about making sure we had enough food and that the budget was followed being the mummy. V2 was all about cute canapés and decor. V4 was all about having a great theme, sending our the perfect invites and getting V3 the perfect dress!

H3  was the perfect husband to be. He wanted V3 to have the very best of everything.


We love V3 soooo much and are so happy that she is about to become a wife, sniff sniff…


Planned and Styled by DVees

Coordinated by the best CBM ever, the one and only V4 aka Pompom aka Princess Pebbles Pxxxxxxxxx

DSC02718 DSC02721 DSC02736 DSC02742 DSC02745 DSC02748 DSC02751 DSC02763 DSC02770 DSC02772 DSC02775 DSC02793 DSC02802 DSC02815 DSC02822 DSC02838 DSC02850 DSC02888 DSC02910 DSC02913 DSC02925 DSC02937 DSC02955 DSC02967 DSC02973 DSC02976 DSC02979 DSC03060 DSC03069 DSC03089 DSC03090

DSC03153DSC03099 DSC03102 DSC03114 DSC03118 DSC03132 DSC03148 DSC03158 DSC03165 DSC03170 DSC03174 DSC03179 DSC03186 DSC03188 DSC03200 DSC03203 DSC03207 DSC03208

DSC03142 DSC03138DSC03247 DSC03250 DSC03268 DSC03289 DSC03301 DSC03323 DSC03412 DSC03415 DSC03427 DSC03436 DSC03456 DSC03458 DSC03460 DSC03463

Crème of Peppersoup shots

This Crème of Peppersoup soup gets served in shot glasses for fun and aesthetics (serious shakara).


Nigerian peppersoup is an aromatic, intensely flavoured soup made with a blend of native African spices which is good for the body and soul; warming and comforting. It is better than any cold/flu medicine, no joke!

People say it is not really peppersoup if the hot delightful soup doesn’t make you cry and sweat at the same time, this may be true but you know there are also different expressions of food…… So today we bring you beautifully presented peppersoup which won’t make you cry but would definitely have you marvelling at the flavours and wanting for more. So make the soup on a cold night which is every night these days and you will be better for it or serve it at your next dinner party – perfect entrée for that 5 course meal you have been planning to make for your loved ones J


4 cups of water
2 teaspoons of pepper soup spices*
2 crayfish/chicken/beef/vegetable stock cubes
1 teaspoon of dry pepper (hot chilli) – more or less according to taste
Sea salt to taste
Crème fraîche
Chopped chives to garnish


  1. Pour water in a soup pot, add pepper soup spices, stock cubes, dry pepper and the lemon grass stalks if using. Allow to simmer on low heat till it comes to a boil.
  2. Reduce heat to medium-low, stir well to combine and gently simmer to allow the flavors develop.
  3. Taste-test the soup for salt and spice, add more salt to taste or more pepper as desired. If too spicy for your taste, add some chicken/vegetable/beef stock.
  4. Strain the soup using a strainer, add 2-3 dollops of crème fraîche and stir really quickly
  5.  Divide soup among small cups or shot glasses and garnish with freshly chopped chives

* You can make your own pepper soup spice blend if you have access to the native spices or you can buy pepper soup spices from any African shop or from or better still Kitchen Butterfly has a suggested mix for non-Nigerians and Nigerians who don’t have access to the traditional spice mix.

Non-traditional peppersoup spice blend

60g aniseed pepper

50g coriander seeds

50g cumin seeds

50g fennel seeds

30g whole black peppercorns

25g cloves

50g allspice

50g dried ginger

25g ground cinnamon

 DSC02017 DSC02025 DSC02062 DSC02064 DSC02100

Plantain Pancakes with Summer Berries

Madeleines & Macaroons are to France as Speculoos & Praline Cookies are to Belgium

Chocolate & Apfelküchlein are to Switzerland as Amaretti & Tiramisu, Gelato are to Italy

Spotted dick & Bread and butter pudding are to England as ____________are to Nigeria

Do Nigerians do desserts??? Of course we do, it might not be customary but we do desserts!!!! We have had this conversation so many times trying to convince people which is why we relished the challenge to come up with a dessert recipe for Afrolems Christmas Countdown… also helps that we love food, we love ethnic cuisine with a twist and we love Afrolems…. :)

We pondered for a bit on what we could make and then we thought Plantains!!!!!! Ripe Plantains are a starchy and sweet vegetable which can be used in savoury or sweet dishes so we thought it was the perfect main ingredient.

Plantain Pancakes served with summer berries Recipe
1 ripe plantain – mashed up
1 Cup of Plain Flour
2 egg
1 cup of milk
1.5  tsp of baking powder
2 Tbsp of Brown Sugar
A pinch of sea salt
Butter or oil for frying

Mash plantains in a bowl with a potato masher until puree
Add remaining ingredients and stir until fully combined
Heat skillet over medium-high heat, add oil.
Pour batter into the frying pan until your pancake is the desired size.
Cook for 2-3 minutes until each side is golden brown
Continue with remaining batter, adding oil to your pan as needed.
Serve with berries and cream or maple syrup or strawberry sauce or chocolate sauce or whatever you fancy really