Lunch with V3

So V3 stalked me today, she kept texting, emailing, and then she insisted that I took her out for lunch today, my sisters tend to do this once in a while and they insist that I take them to one of my lunch hideouts, for some reason they believe that I know all the cool places to go for lunch. Ironically I don’t, I admit that I have probably tried my fair share of cafes and have been known to spend a tenner on lunch every day in different cafés (I justify it by saying that I am investing in my passion, jokes, more like investing in my waistline).
Anyway I decided to take her to hummus bro which she really liked (In your face V4!!!, last time V4 came up for lunch she turned up her nose at hummus bro, in her own words ‘please me I don’t want any healthy food jo’
Back to my lunch with V3, I got cries of ‘not fair’, ‘why didn’t you tell us, we would have come too’ from V1 and V4. V1 swiftly called us and I put her on speakerphone so that she could join our convo about weddings, best schools to send children to, mummy, daddy, work, etc but V4 couldn’t call in as she was up in Essex busy tutoring Maths (resident geek, female Sheldon Cooper).
Anyway back to the food, I have got to say that we love the concept, they serve hummus as a base and you choose a topping to go on it. For example, you could have hummus with chicken or hummus with mushrooms. V3 chose a guacamole and chicken topping with jalapenos and I had guacamole and beef, which we scooped up with our pita bread and washed down with hot spiced apple juice while gisting away, yum!!!!

4 thoughts on “Lunch with V3

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww!!! I want sisters! lolI am not too sure about the hummus, I would probably have done/said the same as V4 because I just don't see humus as food.. to be it should just be a tea spoon somewhere, not too much of it. Having said that, I haven't really tried it with anything else but carrots.

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