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So I wanted to start with the perfect story, recipe, etc but then it was taking forever so I thought I would start with what I had for lunch today.  I started taking lunch to work because my hubby (H2) said it would save us money, our self imposed austerity measure (our own SAP for those of you that were in Lagos in the 90s) but I actually found that my home cooked food tasted better than anything that I bought anyway so I managed to turn our ‘SAP’ into ‘luxury’, now H2 begs for packed lunches, hehehe. Plus the city is not a great place to find hot lunches for a fiver or less (I’m not fan of sandwiches unless it’s a toasted panini with chicken, bacon, mushroom, sweet roasted peppers dripping with melted cheese – can’t have that everyday, I am already full figured, not complaining, I promise I love looking wholesome). Ok, back to my lunch. I had pearl barley with Nigerian style stew and potato salad. 

I discovered Pearl barley in Tecso recently, its a cross between rice and couscous and its supposed to be healthy as well so its my rice replacement whenever I feel like being healthy plus its quite cheap. (Cook like you would cook rice). 

Nigerian style stew – I made this with fresh tomatoes, fresh scotch bonnet peppers, red onion with chicken, cow leg and tribe (Will put up recipe soon). 

Potato salad – this just added the oomph to my lunch – so easy to make, so tasty and filling as well. Perfect dish for a lazy day when you still want beautiful food. All you need is charlotte potatoes, mayonnaise, butter, red onions (garnished with parsley, black pepper, boiled eggs (optional), and magi (optional)). This dish is so easy that I will tell you how to make it now. Boil the potatoes (not too soft) – Mash potatoes – use a fork so that you still have some chunky pieces, add butter, onions and mayonnaise and then garnish, taste, garnish, taste, garnish, taste, taste, taste, sorry that’s my routine sometimes H2 catches me in the kitchen with half the meal gone because I love food and the meals are too yummy (I am actually very modest, not sure what’s going on here). 

I just received an email from H2 saying that the salad was wonderful but I need to find a way to get the flavour of the onion without the onion chunks in the salad, geez, so unless I can chop the onions really thin, this is one meal that I may have to prepare only when I am hanging with the girls at V1’s which is quite often anyway. 

PS: Comment, ask questions, what do you want us to blog about, keep visiting, hound us if we haven’t blogged in a while or just stop by to say Hi to DVees…. Xxx

7 thoughts on “V2’s ramblings

  1. @ Nimz not at all o, one time H2 ate dodo and mackerel stew everyday for a whole week and we have had cereal for dinner a couple of times too!!! Lol

  2. @ Wailacaan thank you for the welcome 🙂 You can definitely live vicariously through DVs food obsession and we will come to you for writing/blogging tips 🙂

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