V4’s ramblings

Food is integral to our family; our father is to blame for our scandalous love affair with food. He gets his fix from watching us eat good food, a typical Daddy/Daughter conversation:
Convo 1
Daddy: Did you like the Lebanese food
V*: Yes daddy it was nice
Daddy: But you didn’t finish it
V*: Oh I am saving it for tomorrow
Daddy: I am not buying Lebanese food again.
V*: Why daddy we actually liked it
Daddy: But you didn’t finish it……
Convo 2
Daddy: The snails have finished?
V*: Daddy it was too nice, very spicy too, it hit the right spots
Daddy: I bought 12 big snails and you have finished them already
Fast forward to the evening
Daddy: V1, V2, V3, V4 come to the parlour, I bought more snails 🙂 
Our weakness is beautiful food down to the tiniest detail; whether its pasta with the cheese sprinkled to perfection or cupcakes having the perfect icing to smarties ratio or milkshake with the perfect blend of strawberries and cream. We are quite adventurous with food; we try different things out then try to make it ourselves. We will write about the food we eat, recipes of food we cook and bake, perfect food to make when you are in a hurry, delicious diet food, etc.

Some of our best days together is when we are having our sister chitchat (seeing as we are best friends), watching a movie, cooking, baking and eating. (With V1 eating marble cake and V2 drinking tea endlessly). V1 is the queen of Nigerian food (egusi, banga, ukodo, name it and she can do it). V2 is the queen of deserts and anything continental (cooks with white wine and all that. She will make a great chef). V3 is the queen of cakes and anything sugary. V4 (yours truly) is the queen of eating all the beautiful things they make. I have grown up seeing my beautiful sisters and my dad and mum, experimenting in the kitchen, making from crab soup to lebanese food to dodo-gizzard and I have been their biggest critic till date. Seeing as I love almost everything they make, I never have much to complain about.

Recently, I have caught the cooking fever though. As I’m in uni and I have to cook for myself (bummer). I have made banga, efo riro, lasagna and a few more in the last few months. I have been getting lots of positive and a few negative feedback as I cook for many hungry students at uni. I will blog more about student life and what and how I cook…



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