Saturday Morning Brekkie

So every Saturday morning I give H2 a proper cooked breakfast, I make pancakes with maple syrup and beef sausages (H2 doesn’t like pork sausages and he only likes beef sausages from Sainsbury’s, it’s the closest thing to satis from UTC that we’ve found in this obodoyinbo), sometimes I make kedgeree or  serve up croissants with scrambled eggs.
I clearly wasn’t listening to the wise counsel that says when you get married don’t start what you can’t sustain because now H2 expects his hot breakfast every Saturday!!!!!!
One Saturday though we had booked V3 an 11am appointment to try on wedding dresses and I didn’t have time to cook anything. He turned his nose up at my offer of cereal but this time I was ready to leave him disappointed because I didn’t want to be late for the appointment, V3 doesn’t get upset but she can get all sensitive and quiet on you. Anyway I remembered that I that he snubbed dinner the night before, very upsetting!!! I served chicken and leek pie with mash from M&S and he wasn’t sure about the pie so he didn’t eat it. I heated it up and served it as brekkie and ran out of the houseJ.
I called later to find out if he ate it and he said he loved it but his only issue was that his wife didn’t make it from scratch, lol. I mentioned that it was an M&S pie and he said mmmh no wonder!!!.
I love food, I love to cook but I don’t mind taking shortcuts and to be honest it’s necessary. I like to think that I am a 1950s housewife in the 21st century as much as I would love to make everything from scratch; I am very practical and sometimes will spend more money to ease stress, like I buy chopped onions, I buy M&S food, etc. M&S food is absolutely gorgeous, I actually believe that I have a food twin in M&S that thinks up the food ideas and brings them to life. Once I thought it would be amazing if they could make really small deserts so that I can have one without feeling guilty, the next week there was a small bite size pecan pie on the shelf…. I was in heaven. I need to stop now because I can go on forever about M&S food.
I will be back very soon, I want to tell you more about serving beautiful food in less than 30mins, meals like rustic potato wedges with mackerel stew or hushpuppies served with cornmeal pan fried fish or scrambled bean cakes with king prawns (caveat: you can make scrambled bean cakes in 10mins but only if you already have moi moi in the fridge)

One thought on “Saturday Morning Brekkie

  1. Lol @ serving last nights dinner for breakfast.In as much as cooking is a passion sometimes you need a break.. no?receipe receipe please for the teasers at the end of the last blog?!!

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