Sweet vs. Savoury

I am a ‘sweet’ girl anytime and my love for food is dominated by all things sugary! I have a sweet tooth, I’m attracted to anything with sugar, my cravings know no bounds…… even when I have cramps, it’s terrible!!!!

I remember growing up, my parents used to say they could sell me with sweets. Now don’t get me wrong, I love food but sweets are my thing. It’s no surprise that I have had a number of visits to the dentist. I remember one trip to the dentist when I was 9, I had to have general anaesthesia because I was having too many filings, my mum was so terrified when she saw me in the room lying there anaesthetized and I was so sore and weak afterwards, this story has been relayed so many times to remind me of the consequences of my addiction..… my philosophy now is “I brush my teeth at least 2x a day so that I can still eat as many sweets I want”. *covers face*

I absolutely love cupcakes!!! They make me smile, they make me happy. I walk past a cupcake shop be it Lola’s, Hummingbird, Buttercup cake shop and I find myself grinning and dreaming of the different flavours. There’s nothing like buying a cupcake, unfolding the cupcake case and then taking a bite (with the right icing/cake ratio), it’s heavenly! I often wonder why people take the icing off. I know the icing can be a lot most times BUT leaving the right amount of icing on the top gives you a beautiful cupcake experience.

Of course, when I begin to feel my waistline expanding lol, I enjoy my cupcake without a trace of butter cream icing (the things we give up to look good *sigh*) 

I love baking, i find it therapeutic, it’s the one thing I enjoy doing with no complains. So I’ve had numerous attempts at making the perfect cupcake. I get random days where all I want to do is bake! 

My sugar cravings aren’t restricted to cupcakes. Another of my addictions: Mr Pretzels, cinnamon and sugar. Any westfield-er knows what I’m talking about. I lose all sense of control once I get into the Westfield mall. I’ve thought about interning with them just so I can learn to make those pretzels. I’m going to attempt to make them in a few weeks, wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes.

One of my random baking days. Vanilla, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes.

2 thoughts on “Sweet vs. Savoury

  1. LOL @ interning with Mr Pretzels! That is deep though! LolPlus… when your waistline is expanding the only thing you give up is the butter icing? LOOL.. well, as DT will say, we only have a few more years before we will have to give up a lot more than butter icing. enjoy it while it lasts!xx

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