Birthday Week (28th February – V2’s birthday & 29th February – V3’s birthday)

So I decided to do ‘follow follow’ and take a day off work on my birthday as this is what V3 does every year, not sure why, she just gets extremely sensitive, extraordinarily happy and becomes very high maintenance in February just because she’s a leap year baby. She’s managed to turn the disadvantage of having a birthday once every four years to a very lucrative venture. On Leap years, she gets all the attention, presents, parties because the 29th is on the calendar and on non-leap years she gets all the attention, presents, parties as people feel sorry for her because there’s no 29th. (Jealous? Me? Never!)

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself on my birthday. I woke up earlyish, did my house chores (was speaking to my family friend yesterday about the joys of being a wife, no one really tells you that in addition to being a wife you take on the role of maid, cleaner, PA, etc, especially if you live in jand, anyway I digress, post for another day).

I had breakfast, full butter croissants (no calorie counting) with ham and cheese melted in my oven (all M&S produce). V1 and #1Cousin came over at midday, and I suddenly had the urge to cook. I had a good reason though, H2 mentioned on Monday that 5 of his boys were coming to ours on Saturday for lunch so I needed to try out my dishes before I cooked and served them up to H2’s crew. (I got this from ‘come dine with me’, apparently you should practice your dishes days before your dinner party).

So I blackmailed #1cousin to take me to the market, yes I went to the market on my birthday (covers face).  I was very excited as I hardly go to the market, last time I went was Christmas 2011 and before that last time I went was July 2011, I love cooking but I hate going to the market so I shop at Tesco, M&S and Waitrose, yea I know, I’m not serious but the Tesco in Leytonstone is actually well stocked with Ethnic staple food.

We bought smoked turkey, chicken, goat meat, boneless beef, tripe, cow leg, prawns and tilapia fish, sweet potatoes, shitol, yam, plantain, scotch bonnet peppers, supermalt, ewedu, etc (not sure why I bought ewedu but hey).

My practice lunch scored by F1, soon to be H3:
Sweet potato, yam pottage (I added a twist to the usual ‘yam pottage’)  –  9/10

Yam salad (I found this recipe in one of those old Nigerian cookbooks that have gone out of print, got hold of the cookbook thanks to my Olu Olu foods contact! I tweaked the recipe by adding prawns and making it spicy – this was my best dish) – 9/10

Beef suya (used groundnuts and store bought suya seasoning) – I’m making my own seasoning next time as F1 scored this 7/10

Oxtail peppersoup (if you don’t have local spices and you want pepper soup spice substitutes let me know and I will put the list up)– resounding 9/10

Red velvet cake made by #1Cousin – resounding 8/10

Chapman – 10/10 (full marks just because it reminded us so much of Ikoyi club. The years spent at Ikoyi club every sat paid off aye?).

will let you know what H2’s crew thought of the dishes next week.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Week (28th February – V2’s birthday & 29th February – V3’s birthday)

  1. someone is jealous lol – I agree with you shall every year is a fun birthday for V3hmmm once again those dishes sound yummy – recipe please! Esp for peppersoup without local spices.

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