My pastor says, spending tips, bacon and cheese twist, randoms….

My pastor says if you want to know where you heart is, check your bank statement. The conclusion of this exercise for most women is that they find out that their hearts are with Westfield City or more specifically Christian Louboutin, Russell & Bromley, Alice Temperley, LK Bennett, French Connection, Reiss or Zara depending on your shopping tastes and levels / spending power.
Did you know that the #5 Forbes billionaire; Amancio Ortega owns 59.29% of the Inditex group which includes the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Zara Home, Kiddy’s Class, Tempe, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear/Often and Bershka???? Normal people like you and I spending our money in Zara and co have made this man a billionaire!!!!!
People you need to find your passion, get skilled and commercialise your passion, a 9 – 5 would not make you a billionaire. Ok I am digressing and treading into H2’s grounds.
When PSFA made the comment I did not need to look at my bank statement to know that my heart was with food. 80% of my allowance is spent in M&S, Tesco, Pod, Pret, Natural Food Kitchen, Harrods food hall, Harvey Nichols food hall, Comptoir Libanais, etc on groceries and lunches and more recently on home wares from Laura Ashley, Amazon, etc to aid my food presentation.
In this season of austerity, I have cut down on lunches and cut down on trips to M&S, Harvey Nics, etc but I still try to buy quality ingredients (value tomato plums is a no no!!!) plus I don’t really spend a lot of money on clothes/shoes so I allow myself spend a bit extra on food.
Thrifty tips
A tip I learnt recently at a finance session was keep a small notepad and make a note of your daily expenses, review weekly and plug the holes i.e. cut down on the daily £1.99 Mocha from Pret, etc.
Harrods have an amazing bacon and cheese twist roll and fresh scones for less than £2, yummy straight out of the oven. If you ever find yourself on Knightsbridge hungry after hours of shopping with very little cash left, make a pit stop at Harrods.
You can get great steak sandwiches from Harvey Nichols for a fiver, the steaks are grilled in front of you and sliced into chunks for your sandwich. Beware adding roasted sweet peppers, jalapenos, cheese, etc can cause your bill to creep to the £7 mark.
Time saver – if you don’t have time to make your deserts from scratch, M&S do the best deserts. Chocolate cake and ice cream from Costco will do for a house party for 20+ people but if you are making a romantic dinner for two – M&S deserts are it!

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