UCL ACS Panafrik 2012!!!!!!

UCL ACS Panafrik 2012!!!! That’s my excuse for not blogging as often as I planned to. I was so busy practising; I have actually not had time to cook. You know how much I love to cook and eat but this show meant a lot so the week before the show when we had practice everyday I lived on Indomie and home made beef burgers (All M&S produce, excluding the Indomie of course. I don’t even want to know where Indomie is from lest I find out that its made in some random factory. Not ready to give it up yet). My friend, Omono almost made me give up suya by telling me disgusting facts about it. Since then, I think I will rather not know some things. Okay back to the show!

The show was electrifying!!! The display of talent and culture was exceptional. I was so proud to be part of it; my aching back and thighs were not in vain. The show was centered around a vibrant drama with dance and fashion shows interwoven into script. The drama was funny with beautiful performances.

Modelling, we had to be FIERCE, in the words of our president, Nneka: “Believe you are the hottest in the world.” “Look at the crowd as if you are searching for their sins.” “You must be fierce.” It was so intense, her voice must have been playing in our heads as we took the stage because it was FIERCE. We worked hard but it was so worth it as everyone performed so well!

Initially I didn’t want to dance but V3 kept on bugging me: “V4 you must dance”, “You always dance in front of the mirror, why don’t you want to dance for Panafrik?” She can be so annoying; I think she was trying to relive her Imperial Afrogala days through me. “Imperial ACS Vice President!” (She even knew the time and days I had practice and will call to make sure I went. Jeez!) Anyway I was glad that I decided to dance as I had so much fun working with everyone in the dance group, we had a lot of perfectionists around so we kept on practising and practising until the dance was perfect.

My mum, sisters, brothers-in-law, nephew and friends all came to watch the show. I had to give a warning beforehand to a certain sister and brother that some of the outfits were a bit racy. Notice that I didn’t need to warn my mum (She still remembers her Uni days unlike some of her children that act like they are old sometimes. Lol)

There were also great performances from UCL gospel choir (my brother in law’s favourite part of the show), a dance act from the Hindu society, poetic spoken words, a beautiful duet (jealous of people with beautiful voices), etc

Feedback from my family:
–       The drama was hilarious, (they found ‘Mac daddy’ and ‘Honey Blossom’ funny and tried to role play), the punch lines were great (“If it’s not Channel, go to Hell), the MC was hilarious (If it’s not Prada, your father – V3 said she laughed for so long), the fashion show was fierce, the dances were colorful (the boy that did the finale dance with you can dance, he made us laugh!) energizing and electrifying!!!!

The fact they all loved it made me happy. Even my nephew was awake the whole time, watching and didn’t sleep till the end!


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