Lazy day


So it is so weird I love food, I love cooking but if you come to mine unannounced, the fridge would probably be empty, ok maybe not empty you might find leftover chicken casserole or leftover stew but you wont find much.  On the other hand, if your visit was planned, you are most likely guaranteed a four-course meal.  
I like thinking so I started wondering why my fridge was always empty. My conclusion:
    1.      Lazy days x 10, its terrible at one point I thought I was depressed because apparently when you are depressed you sleep a lot and bum around a lot but I know I am not depressed. Someone said maybe I’m just settled, happy and content, I like that reasoning better J
    2.      H2 eats a meal once or twice and then wants something different so cooking in bulk doesn’t really work plus I have also noticed that I only like cooking when there are loads of people around to eat the food so even when I happen to cook in bulk, I pack up half the food and take it to V1s.
The recipe below is for one of those days when there’s nothing in the fridge and I need to whip up something in 30mins.  Such a simple recipe but the garlic really adds flavor to the prawn.

DVs Recipe: King prawn tagliatelle
    2 cloves garlic
    1 red scotch bonnet pepper, sliced
    2tbsp olive oil
    250g (8oz) large king prawns (peeled – raw)
    Bunch of spring onions (sliced)
    300g tagliatelle
    Knorr all purpose seasoning
    Salt to taste
    1 .      Cook the tagliatelle in lightly salted boiling water for 10 minutes
    2 .      Heat the oil over a gentle heat and cook the garlic (don’t brown)
    3 .    Add the pepper and spring onion and prawns and fry for 5 minutes until the prawns are pink
    4 .      Add Knorr seasoning and salt to taste
    5 .      Drain the tagliatelle and add to the prawns and toss together

 v  It is quicker to use fresh cooked prawns as opposed to raw prawns.
 v  If buying frozen prawns, get raw prawns as the flavours are better preserved.
 v  You can garnish with fresh tomatoes

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