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I am usually called the one that eats everything with no restrictions and never has to watch my waist line. I think this is true and false at the same time. (I dance a lot. The other V’s get worried with how often I wear my headphones and jump around for hours all in the name of dancing). I had a slightly chubby period. Actually, I was really skinny at first (weighing 18kg) and never finished my food. On my 10th birthday, people were saying I looked 6. My dad got a bit worried and bought me Complan milk (that thing makes you fat!!) and multivitamins (I didn’t mind, I love milk). My appetite greatly increased and it hasn’t gone back to normal since then. He also increased my allowance and in 3 months I had probably added 10kg. Lool.

Anyway, my appetite was something else after that. Anytime I traveled, I made my sisters bring KFC to the airport (a bit extreme, I know). My daddy would call to make sure they were buying me plenty ‘hamburgers’ (He was on a fatten V4 or V4 must grow mission) Loool. I wanted a new meal each time from bagels from Bagel Factory and Frappuccino (amazing) to Krispy Kreme donuts and  then my favourite (Then) KFC chicken while drinking whole milk (semi-skimmed milk was too healthy for me). On one of these days, I was asking V2 for food (She is the BEST! She still made me food today :D), I think she got tired of me saying I was hungry and walked to Sainsbury’s to buy things to make Fajitas. I hadn’t eaten it before so I was excited to try it out. It was DELISH! I scraped my plate. I remember going back after the holiday and my friend, Onyeka going on about how much weight I had added. Anyway, when I turned 12, I decided I wanted to be a BABE and lost the slight chubbiness but never lost the appetite. I don’t add weight easily but to be on the safe side, I made a promise to myself  that if I danced diligently, I could eat all the food I wanted. Once my dancing reduces, so will my food intake. I also eat healthier food. I love a good, well cooked from scratch home cooked meal.

DVs Chicken Fajita Recipe

All the reasons to make Fajitas: if you are a student, don’t like cooking, having a lazy day, or just want to eat an easy, nice meal.

– Fajita is one of the easiest meals to make and its delicious, I like to think its healthy too (It comprises of a tortilla, chicken and vegetables).

– Its cheap and you can make it with less than 10 pounds. Fajita kit (about 3.15 pounds), mixed peppers (about 1.85), two diced chicken (2 for 4 pounds). That’s just under 10 pounds.

– There are different flavors – (Crispy chicken, Extra mild, Original smoky bbq) and you can buy depending on what you prefer.

– Anyone can make it as far as you can slice, dice and boil food.

– You can make it in 20 mins.

 I realized its one of the perfect meals to make in Uni. I was walking round Sainsbury’s with V2 and F1 soon to be H3 and I saw the Fajita kit was on sale. I said “Oh wow, its just 2 pounds”. Soon to be H3, being a wonderful brother and all bought it for me without me saying anything. V2 then bought me diced chicken and mixed peppers and I went to school and made this meal with ingredients I didn’t buy (the joys of being a last born).

– slice pepper
–  boil the chicken and spice it (salt and maggi cube to taste)
– you can use little oil or butter (preferably) to then fry the chicken and pepper as you mix them. But if you are looking for a healthier option, just mix the boiled chicken with the pepper without frying.

–  pour the fajita spice and salsa that comes in the pack into the chicken-pepper mix.

– Warm the tortilla for 2 minutes. Wrap it and that’s it! (Amazing! Isn’t it?)

 Its delicious and this can sort out lunch for 2-4 days, depending on your appetite.

– Use diced chicken- Makes it easier and faster to cook.
– Using a dash of ginger and garlic gives it a unique taste.
– Eat while drinking Milo and watching 24 (The BEST) Lool


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