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When I study, I get extremely hungry – Like every second. I get in the habit of only getting up from my chair when I want to eat and I use the eating time to catch up on my TV-shows. I justify watching them by saying I’m eating anyway and I can’t eat and read. Then, I end up watching them for like 5 hours. (Bad!).

Yesterday, I decided to spoil myself a little for the hard work I had put in recently. In the morning, I had pancakes, sausages and bacon. In the evening, I decided to be more adventurous and had rice, ofada stew/sauce, plantain, ‘assorted meat’ (this phrase makes me laugh sooo much. Anyway the standard beef, ponmo, shaki, the funniest has to be ’round about’ that name cracks me. Who came up with it?) and then two sausages. Okay, I know the sausages were a random addition but I was in a very random mood lol.

As I was frying the plantain and dancing around, excited about this food I was about to go in on, I started wishing I had Costco ice cream DVs Recommended!!! (See we do Costco too, not just M&S). I discovered this ice cream a month ago on V1’s birthday and I can say this may possibly be the best vanilla ice cream I have had in a while. It reminded me of Blue Bunny or TFC ice cream in Lagos. Not sure anymore as my taste buds are getting a bit confused. That creamy vanilla ice cream from TFC that you more or less finish eating walking from TFC ice cream window to your car under the Lagos sun or Blue Bunny ice cream with spicy Lebanese chicken wings *sigh*. Anyway, the ice cream went down perfectly with V3’s hot, freshly baked Red Velvet and Vanilla cake (I love it when V3 gets into one of her baking moods and just bakes 3 cakes).

Okay, so back to my amazing meal. I was even thinking of adding snails to this meal but I was like “V4 behave yourself, its already enough food.” Unlike V3 who prefers sweets and sugary things to anything, I’m more of a proper meal person. So, hot and spicy food with lots and lots of meat. You know, things that really fill you up. I remember the first time I ate Ofada rice and stew and I was thinking ‘where have you been since?’ Peppery with the right kind of stew to meat ratio. *lovestruck*. I didn’t have Ofada rice, so I had to improvise and just ate it with normal white rice but what could be better than adding plantain (dodo) to the meal?

DVs Recipe (How I will make Ofada stew):

1. Chop onions and garlic cloves into tiny pieces. (you can blend it after chopping, for those who do not like to see it in the meal). 

2. Blend tomatoes into a paste

3. Dice green bell pepper and scotch bonnet pepper into tiny pieces, keep the seeds

4. Blend the locust beans to a fine paste

5. Boil the meat pieces (beef, ponmo. shaki, ’round about’ lool)

6. Add oil to the pot.

7. When the oil is heated, add onions, locust beans and garlic paste.

8. Add the tomato puree and diced pepper and stir

9. Add seasoning (Knorr cubes and salt to taste)

10. Add the meat pieces.

– Locust beans are optional as I know it stinks. Removing the locust beans moves it to the ayamashe territory.
– Don’t use the seeds from the pepper if you don’t want it to be too hot.

And there you have it.


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