Honey, I’m home

So my iPhone was stolen two weeks ago on the district line, I didn’t even realize it was gone until I got off the train and I wasn’t sitting down so there’s no chance that I left it on the train seat or anything like that. I was robbed and I didn’t know!!! I felt so violated but now I just feel so crippled, I have lost the will to call or text or even use any form of social media and it’s not like I was that active before, now I am like a hermit. Only good thing to come out of it is that I now pick up my £9.99 Samsung phone anytime it rings just to feel connected unlike before when I never picked up my phone. Its also so ironic as one of the Vs pointed out, when I got my iPhone a year ago, I hated it so much because I thought the touch screen was too sensitive now I keep hinting H2 that I really need a replacement iPhone.
I have been travelling a lot recently, when I got back last week, I was so proud of H2, he actually made pounded yam to eat with the efo (vegetable soup) that I left in the fridge (V1 is away so she couldn’t feed him, V3 refused to feed him and V4 is in school).
I got back really late on Thursday evening and he was so excited to see me because he had missed me so much et al plus he was waiting patiently for me to make dinner. I was really tired but I knew that the right thing to do was make him something that would allow him appreciate the fact that I was back but still really easy to make because I was knackered J
DVs really quick special meal
Fried plantain – everyone loves ‘dodo’ especially when you don’t have to fry it yourself
Fried yam – I had forgotten how satisfying ‘dundun’ was. I had two small slices of yam in the freezer, not enough for a main meal so I fried them too.
Chips – H2 doesn’t eat frozen chips – he loves freshly fried chips – at first I thought he was being fussy – but I have to agree as unhealthy as they are – peeling the potatoes, cutting them and frying them is so worth it – it reminds me so much of chips and sausage from Ikoyi Club.
Snails – I love snails I can eat snails every day – I am talking about the giant snails farmed in Nigeria not Escargots which is a dish of cooked land snails (tiny snails), usually served as an appetizer in France – which is alright as its nice garlicky and tender but in my opinion doesn’t beat my crunchy, spicy and satisfying giant snails.
Efo – vegetable soup
H2 ate this meal while singing my praises while I danced to the praises thinking its good to go away sometimes (I’m off again today, looking forward to the same reception when I get back on Wednesday J)

8 snails
4 fresh chillies
8 fresh tomatoes
I garlic clove
1 large onion
4 tbs. tomato puree
6 tbs. sunflower oil
1 tsp. fresh thyme
1 tsp curry powder
salt to taste
Knorr seasoning cubes
 Ø  Cook the snails in salt seasoned water for 10 minutes
 Ø  Meanwhile heat the oil in a pan and fry the ground chillies, tomatoes, garlic and onions.
 Ø  Cook for 15 minutes, add the tomato puree and season, stirring thoroughly (the sauce should be dry)
 Ø  Add the cooked snails, coat with the sauce and simmer for 5 minutes.
 Ø  Serve hot
Assorted meat
Fresh spinach
200g of ground crayfish
2 scotch bonnet peppers
2 medium onions
1 small tin of tomato puree
400g tomatoes
150ml palm oil (can use sunflower oil for a healthier version)
Salt to taste
Maggi crayfish seasoning cube
 Ø  Heat palm oil in a pot
 Ø  Add ground peppers, tomatoes and onions to the hot oil and fry for 12 minutes, stirring frequently
 Ø  Add the tomato puree and cook for 5 minutes until well blended
 Ø  Add the assorted meats, crayfish and some stock, simmer for 10minutes
 Ø  Season with Maggi Crayfish and salt
 Ø  Add the spinach and cook for 5 minutes
 Ø  Serve with pounded yam, eba, amala, rice, plantain, etc
    ·         Please buy your snails already cleaned and washed (you can get them in shoprite). Buying the live snails in the shell is serious long things.
    ·         When you buy yams, peel it, slice and freeze the slices, it makes it easier when you are cooking.


2 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home

  1. With a wife like you, H2 lives in permanent paradise!!!*Sigh* I should have come as a man just so I get to eat this 5*****Star meal with out preparing it!!!:PErrr is shoprite somewhere in Stratford?

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