Food-loving gene

“People love food because they are born with a food-loving gene…….you can develop taste, but passion is certainly a genetic thing” Judith Jones.

After spending at least 2 hours in the aircraft, rolling on the floor in pain, puking and receiving oxygen from the somewhat helpful§ Virgin Atlantic flight attendants, I was overjoyed when we finally landed in Lagos on Sunday at 5am.

§ Somewhat helpful in my opinion because I reasoned mentally that after going through such a traumatic, embarrassing, excruciating episode that I deserved to be upgraded to upper class but clearly the flight attendants did not think so.
There’s no light i.e. power, electricity – ü
Mummy is at church already – ü
Daddy is sleeping – ü
Cousin is standing in the living room with an excited grin – ü
It is obvious that I am  home!!!!!!!
I am awoken by my dad’s voice shouting Vona!!! Are you coming to church with me???
We are in church (2nd service started at 11am). I spot Mummy, she doesn’t see me. At the end of service, she spots me and greets me with a big smile that I know came from deep down. I run to hug her; I say hello to her co-workers in God’s vineyard with a smile making sure that I genuflect lest my mother has a fit.
I leave with daddy and mummy stays behind for the thanksgiving service which commences immediately after the 2ndservice.
I get in the car with my dad, no words are spoken but we both know that we are on route to explore our mutual passion, appreciation and love for food.
We are home with bags of – giant Snails, jumbo King Prawns, Roasted Pork, Stewed stick meat, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken breasts, Moi moi, Plantains, Yams, tomatoes, spring onion, carrots and eggs.  
Mummy is back at home, she looks up smiling at the two most troublesome people in her life.
We cook, we eat and watch CNN. Bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Food-loving gene

  1. @ Enye miss u too, u have all of this to look forward to when u come and visit.@ angels beauty watching CNN is part of the ritual 🙂

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