Nigerians eat weird food too!!!!!!

I read an interview with a French chef where he said something like only the French and the Chinese eat Tripe. I was like huh?? I tore the article out of the magazine; put it in my bag so that I could contact the chef to let him know that yours truly; we humble Nigerians eat tripe almost every day!!!  Lo and behold, I can’t find my magazine cut out and I can’t remember his name. But at least the incident has birthed a blog post.

Unusual food: Bull penis – China

It is really amazing what we eat. In the spirit of discussing weird food, can you complete the analogy below using the analogy; A is to B as C is to D?

Haggis is to Scotland as caviar is to Russia.  

Foie Gras is to France as Blood pudding (black pudding) is to England

Snake meat is to Chinaas Frog Sashimi is to Japan

Pig brain is to Chinaas Smoked bats is to Indonesia

Smalahove is to Norway as _________________ is to Nigeria

Chicken feet is to Hong Kong as __________________ is to North America

Fill in the Gap!!!! Please write your answers down as comments! Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Nigerians eat weird food too!!!!!!

  1. Goat meat and Jollof rice with gizzard & dodo is not that weird. Maybe Cow head (Isewu), lol Shaki (Tripe), pomo, intestine is more like it, will tell the French Chef as soon as I remember his name πŸ™‚

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