DVs summer series – Spaghetti House review

 Exams are over, the sun is shinning,  no more reading about reactors and what not lol.
I went to Hyde park on Thursday with two friends. It was extremely relaxing; we basically just played around. Then we walked and walked until we were at Harrods (when you school in London, you get used to walking everywhere).
At Harrods, We bought a freshly baked Ham and Cheese Croissant, meat pie and a massive lollipop and then we walked around and gawked at the beautiful food. The food hall is amazing!!! We walked back to Hyde park, ate and we started practising our azonto. LOL

Afterwards, we walked to spaghetti house. (Summer – best season ever). I love that I have friends that I can share my passion for good food with.
Onyi’s food review
Food tasting is one of my favourite past times, I love restaurant hopping (I’m not fat by the way, if you go by the dictionary meaning) LOL. But, yes! Good food is a necessity for me.
Italian restaurants are definitely my favourite, I Love Pasta. Its so versatile, from Bolognese, Carbonara to Polpettine. My favourite is Carbonara. Most times when I go to an Italian restaurant I haven’t been to before, I try out their Carbonara. I’ve been to a lot of Italian restaurants in Londonand my taste buds say Spaghetti House makes the yummiest Carbonara. I also decided to try out Crescentine. As always, I didn’t have a spaghetti strand left on my plate, it was that delicious. Didn’t really enjoy the crescentine but it was exciting all the same to try something new. I definitely recommend Spaghetti house for any food lover!

Vome’s review
I prefer Mexican, Chinese or Lebanese food to Italian but I also like Italian food. Plus I like trying out different things. Caviar is next on my ‘to eat’ listJ.
I always eat spaghetti or pizza when I go to Italian restaurants so I really wonder why I ordered the B.I.B burger with extra bacon and cheese at Spaghetti house. I’m just a sucker for bacon and cheese. Hmmmn. Not really sure about the burger. It had a burnt taste but it was quite filling, certainly would not be ordering it again. I rate the burger 5.5/10. Onyi made jokes about the Crescentine (traditional Italian fried bread) looking like deformed ‘akaras’ (fried bean balls). I actually think it wasn’t bad at all as it was tasty and fluffy. It was different and a nice first course to have.

Dee is too lazy to write a review or anything at all but by the way she was smiling I could tell her food was great!

Anyway, I had the best time!

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