DVs Summer Series: How to make Suya!!!


Ten women met at mine recently; as usual I was very excited about the opportunity to feed them. After they left I was talking to my family, sounding very unsure of myself. SOG was shocked to see me in this state; she had never seen me so uncertain and unconfident, she’s always around us that I hadn’t realized that there was one more guest lurking around. She got to see me ‘raw’ (*covers face*) and she didn’t approve, I usually save this part of me for the DHs and DVs.
I started thinking about why I cared so much; the answer is Passion! I absolutely love food and almost everything that comes with it. Cooking is a necessary evil entwined with my love for food as what I love best is watching people eat good food especially if it is food that I have cooked/served.
This wonderful bug has bitten me on both ends. My father loves good food, and he delights in watching his children demolish the delicacies that he brings home or rustles up.  And then there’s my mum who loves having guests around, she loves entertaining and feeding people. She has a tactic for ensuring that her guests eat: I can hear her voice in my head: “don’t ask guests if they want to eat, just tell them that you are bringing their food so that they can’t refuse”
Something happens around a table when good food is served and it is more than merely eating….
I am not sure why I was worried as I served Suya & Chapman and everyone loved it. You really can’t go wrong with suya unless your guests are vegetarians or allergic to nuts.

If your guests are Nigerians, it will take them back to good old days, time spent in Ikoyi Club or wherever they hung out – I believe that every Nigerian has eaten suya regardless of their tribe or class. If your guests are not Nigerian, I promise you they will oooh and ahhh about this local Nigerian offering: Suya & Chapman: tender spicy stick meat with a cold refreshing drink.

DVs recipe – Suya
 v 500g of Beef (cut into small pieces)
 v 3 Tsp peanuts 
 v 1 Tsp of groundnut oil
 v 1-3 Tsp of dry hot chili powder (use as much as you can handle)
 v 1 Tsp of Ginger
 v ½ Tsp of Garlic
 v ½ Tsp Onion salt
 v ½ Tsp Paprika
 v 3 Knorr seasoning cubes
 v Tomatoes (cut into chunks)
 v Red Onions (cut into chunks)

    1.     Grind the peanuts finely – don’t grind for too long lest it becomes peanut butter or better still buy already ground peanuts.
     2.     Mix the spices together with the groundnuts
    3.     Season the meat with the oil and spice mix and leave to marinate for at least 30mins. (I usually marinate overnight)
    4.     Put the meat on skewers, place on a baking tray and put in the oven for 30mins – 200C
     5.     Garnish with tomatoes and onions and serve with cold chapman J


Wash the meat in lime and water – it tenderizes the meat


3 thoughts on “DVs Summer Series: How to make Suya!!!

  1. i was one of the ten and boy o boy was it all so yummy!!!!!! the cornbread was also delish!!!!! nice touch with the ham inside. go V's – u rockPS: guess who? hehehe

  2. Thank you for your comment, very encouraging!! I've been trying to make corn bread since Christmas 2011 but no one seemed to like it. I added honey and ham to the recipe and it made it a big difference!!! (dancing smiley). PS: I have my suspicions as to who this is, thanks for stopping by :):):):)

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