DVs Summer Series: Sous Chef!

We had a ‘feast’ on Saturday. V2 came to pick me up promising me good food not knowing she had other plans for me – Sous Chef duties which involved being in the kitchen for hours. V3 was the baker of the day, V2 the Chef, V1 the main taster and friend of the family; Vamola and I were the sous chefs. 

As stressful as it was, there’s nothing I love more than cooking, baking, eating and just generally being with my sisters. It is like doing what I love with the best people in the world. Really they are like the greatest blessing (This is me being a last born :D). 

Back to the food. I learnt how to make Chapman. This in particular I was very excited about. It is really easy to make and it was a hit. H2 refused to believe I was the one who made it. After a lot of chopping, dicing, blending, mixing, pounding, knewading, tasting and so much more, our dinner was finally ready. We made Jollof rice with lamb chops and cabbage medley, Fried yam with pepper sauce and grilled gizzard, Moi moi with cherry tomato salad, Chapman, Fried rice and chicken. We also baked a nice chocolate and vanilla iced red velvet cake and bread. We tried to bake our own bread, it didn’t quite work but watch this space. I particularly loved the cabbage medley; vegetables have never tasted that nice to me before. 

It was a lovely day. We all had dinner, watched a movie and relaxed on very full stomachs. It is days like this I deem one of my perfect days πŸ™‚


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