Seafood Okra with yam rolls

Inspired by my desire to create an African meal that I would have served to the Nigerian VIPs currently in town for the London 2012 Olympics especially if I was the chef at The Dorchester where the Bank of Industry hosted the Nigeria Business & Investment Summit for about 350 delegates.

Inspired by damit who commented that I didn’t write enough about African dishes

Inspired by my brother* chef fregz who wrote a post on eba gnocchi and seafood okra on BN.
*he’s not really my brother, in fact I do not even know him but we ethnic minorities get excited when we find people from our side of town. Just proud of a fellow foodie doing his thing well πŸ™‚

^ Yam rolls and not pounded yam! Would you call mashed potatoes made out of potato flour mashed potatoes? I guess you might. But I think yam rolls is sexier plus in my mind pounded yam is yams boiled and then pounded using mortar and pestle or a yam pounder.

 DVs definition: Yam rolls or balls depending on the shape is made from yam flour stirred into hot water over heat until it forms dough like consistency.

Okra also known as lady fingers because of its shape is very easy to make. I am a fan of tasty food that is fast and easy to make. Same reason why I love king prawns which is why I am very excited about seafood okra.

DVs Recipe: Seafood Okra and Yam rolls (Serves 4)
350g of frozen okra 
2 Tsp of ground crayfish (optional)
16 Madagascan King prawns, Tilapia fish, Crab, Scallops (whatever you fancy really)
2 knorr cubes

Onion salt
Garlic powder
Salt to taste

For Pepper stew:
4 Tomatoes
1 onions
1-2 scotch bonnet peppers (according to the heat you can handle)
1 big red sweet pepper
2 Tsp of palm oil
2 knorr cubes
Salt to taste

For Yam Balls:
500g of Yam flour
4 cups of water
Wooden spatula
1.   Season seafood with a pinch of onion salt and garlic powder and sautΓ© in a little butter for 4 minutes
2.   Blend the okra with 2 cups of water,  pour blended okra into a saucepan and to boil for 10 mins
3.   Add crayfish, knorr cubes and salt to taste
4.   Add seafood (except the fish) and simmer for 5 minutes
Pepper sauce
1.   Blend tomatoes, onions and peppers
2.   Heat palm oil in a saucepan, do not over heat the oil, add blended tomato mixture to the oil and allow to boil on low medium heat for 20 minutes or until the oil rises to the top
3.   Add tilapia fish, magi cubes and salt to taste
4.   Simmer for 5 minutes
Yam Balls
Bring water to boil in a pot
Add yam flour into the boiling water, and stir over heat until it forms dough like consistency
Sprinkle about a quarter cup of water on the dough, and cover the pot in low heat and allow dough to simmer
Knead dough thoroughly with the wooden spatula to desired smoothness
Serve with Seafood Okra and Pepper Stew
Simmer is a gentle way to cook food – means to put below boiling point while bubbling gently


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