H2 declares no more rice… Please!

H2 has declared that he doesn’t want to eat rice for the next two weeks after weeks of moaning that all I give him is rice. Sooooo infuriating because I always ask ‘babes what do you want to eat?’ and his response is always anything and then when I serve up his meal he scrunches up his face and says ooooooo I don’t want to eat rice or pasta.
Sometimes his response is “What is this?????” when I have made something different, he reluctantly tries it and 80% of the time he likes it, 20% of the time, he gives me grief for experimenting with his meal.
I accept that I should probably not experiment with his meals; one time I made some sort of pasta concoction with chicken, cream cheese, peppers and Dijonmustard which he absolutely hated, the combination of both cream cheese and mustard was probably too much. I felt bad because he went to bed hungry that night as I was too tired to make anything else and his attitude did not really encourage me.
My proposed solution to our food quibbles
Þ    Draw up a food timetable agreed, reviewed and signed off by H2
Þ    Take into consideration the fact that H2 loves potatoes
Þ    Make more soups and eat more swallow i.e. eba (hot dough made with grated cassava and hot water), yam balls, etc.
Þ    On the note of soups, learn how to make ofe owerri soup which apparently is H2’s best dish served with pounded yam (surprised smiley), beginning to think that I serve him what I like rather than what he wants…….. c’est la vie
Þ    Focus experiments on vegetarian sides as we try to incorporate more vegetables into our meals.
Þ    Always have stews in the freezer – I always make fresh meals which means that I never have backup meals when one of my experimental dishes goes wrong
Fine tips to aid our martial happiness me thinks!


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