Amazing V3!!!

This post is dedicated to V3 (even if some is a bit of a wash :p)

V3 is an excellent baker. It was F1, soon to be H3’s birthday on Sunday, by Saturday morning V3 had started bring out all her cake pans, baking utensils, etc. …..

…… of course, I helped with the occasional running away to hide (she gets vicious in the kitchen sometimes), I assisted with the baking, I made the icing, ok some of the icing, I still think I was a tremendous help 🙂
V3 wanted to make a football cake as H3 is crazy about football but for some reason she decided to make a red velvet cake (her speciality) and a giant popcorn cupcake (she isn’t very normal). I think she was motivated by the fact that there was popcorn somewhere in the house. I thought it was a crazy idea but creative V3 made it work. 
We all agree that V3 is awesome right? Like tres amazing. The beautiful V3 shocks me every time with things she can do. My motivation. Love you 😀

Done with V3. Next V2 and after V1, apparently, I don’t show enough love. This is an attempt 😀
Adorable V4!

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