The journey to the baking shores

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia ChildBaking randomly became a hobby of mine; actually not exactly randomly as growing up we had baking sessions with dad and sometimes mum and Aunty Justina.I was much smaller then so I spent most of my time licking the batter and eating the cake. I was quite chubby as a kid, hence the nickname mama. Thinking about it now, I had another nickname; liki liki (covers face). Could it have been from licking batter? lol Who knows?
So baking has always been somewhere in my system. Dad often came home with the latest Kenwood equipment that could blend, dice, shred, and mix. We would spend the next few months experimenting with each part of the equipment.  We baked, made our own minced meat, made ice cream, tried to make sausage, etcetera. And then we stopped baking for a while and randomly we decided to start baking again, at this point, V1 and V2 had moved to England and so I had sole responsibility, hehe (actually, Aunty G was in charge with V4 as my sous chef). 

I had an amazing Aunt, Aunty F(God bless her soul) who came to visit and saw us baking, she decided she needed to teach us how to do it the proper way and made me cream the egg and the whisk the batter by hand. I didn’t last 15mins, I disappeared to the room, V4 disappeared next and then Aunty G followed (what naughty children we were). Aunty F said she will come back to teach us how to bake. A week later she returned with a bread recipe and then I disappeared again. Lol. Now, I so wish I stayed and learnt how to bake bread. *Sigh*
My next attempt was at Imperial. I went to Sainsbury’s,bought my ingredients, made the batter and waited patiently for it to rise and bake. 45mins later, my cake was burnt! I had grilled the cake!!!! I turned the oven to grill instead of bake *sigh*. It was hilarious though. We managed to salvage what was left of the cake. It was a disaster but one thing that stood out was the taste. Somehow I managed to make delicious burnt cake.
Post University, one random day after work, I decided to start baking again. My first red velvet cake was a disaster. My tongue was red and it tasted bitter. I followed the hummingbird recipe to the letter. Hummingbird what went wrong? It occurred to me that the recipe that hummingbird publishes might be missing some secret steps, who knows? I decided to mix and match different recipes and I have discovered a recipe that does work for me that my family love (I believe).
I’ll be posting my different experiments and experiences. One thing I know for sure now is baking is an art! 
A few pictures of some of the cakes I have made:
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