Playing V2: House Warming!!!!

So, my flatmates and I did a house warming. I got to play V2 for a day. I was excited and went a bit overboard when I was trying to write a menu, I wrote like 12 dishes. I was trying to be superwoman like V2. Quick Story: I went to hers on Saturday. She was in the kitchen as she is most times. In the 3 hours I was there, I had Efo and Prawns, A bacon wrap, Roast Chicken, cakes and some sort of drink she made. She really likes cooking. Anyway back to my housewarming, my flatmates and I eventually decided on 8 dishes.

My flatmates were the perfect co-chefs. We all mixed our cooking skills together. Onyi and Fums made the Jollof Rice and Chicken – it was lovely. Apparently, the chicken tasted like Mr Biggs Chicken. I had only made fried rice once before that day (for some reason, it never crosses my mind to cook it). I tried it, not feeling confident at all but luckily it was decent. I also made dodo gizzard. I had never made this before. We always tell V2 off when she makes a meal she hasn’t made before for guests. I decided to just go ahead and do it and apparently it was good! Yayyy 

 What everyone loved most was the Chapman. I don’t know if it was because they hadn’t had chapman in a while or if it was actually as great as everyone was saying. Everyone went on about it. I went on to make baked plantain and chilli sauce and I was satisfied with what it tasted
There were cupcakes, some made by V3 the baker and some hummingbird. Got comments like our cakes tasted like hummingbird. Some even said they preferred it (do not know if it was washing but people went on about it) :D. The prawn sauce was nice as well. The pepper gizzard was even nicer, thanks to Onyi Aguma. I love my flatmates, and thanks to Seun for helping. I hope everyone loved the food. Proud to say the other Vs have had a positive influence on my cooking. Gone from being the taster to being a cook :D. 
I feel like I am turning into V2. Getting overly excited about hosting people, over cooking, experimenting, not being 100% sure, it coming out great and me being extremely pleased seeing everyone eat and knowing they loved it. Once again, I love my flatmates. 
Dodo Gizzard recipe:
1. Cut the plantain into small bits. Fry it,
2. Marinate the gizzard and boil it.
3. Pour oil into a pot. Heat it up.
4. Put tomato puree.
5. Pour chopped tomatoes and boil it.
6. Put in all the spices.
7. Add some plantain and gizzard to the pot. Mix properly.
8. Add some more. Keep mixing until it is finished.
Marinate the gizzard for hours
Marinate the Chicken for hours.


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