I love my nephew so much that sometimes, I forget I’m actually not his real mother. Every single thing he does gets me excited and makes me laugh. He recently started dancing and it is the cutest thing ever. He moves his shoulders from side to side, looks around and smiles.

Anyway, there’s a children’s series on CBeebies called Tinga Tinga Tales and he absolutely loves it! The moment they play the opening song, he gets up from wherever he is and starts smiling and jumping. He runs to the TV, looks back at us smiles, looks back at the TV, turns around and smiles. It’s the cutest thing ever. So we started calling him Tinga or Tinga Tinga.

 Tinga talestinga 2

His 1st birthday was on the 26th of July and I decided to make him a cake. In my bid to experiment, I decided to make a Tinga tinga cake. I had never worked with sugar paste icing before so this was extremely adventurous..

I did not realise how much time and effort it takes to carve out and mould shapes, I decided to make the monkey, elephant, lion and tortoise. This took all night to colour, carve, mould and stick together.


Lion – The King of Tinga Tinga 1

I made two vanilla cakes, not sure what I was going to do with them yet but along the way, I decided to put one on top of the other to create contours, the idea was to make the base a jungle but time and experience did not permit that. I finished the cake at 3pm just as guests were arriving #phew.


It took a lot of time and effort but I loved every single bit of it. I wanted it to be perfect for my little boy and he seemed to love it.

Happy animals

Final Cake

He loved it sooo much, he started tearing off the animals (I could feel my heart ripping in two as he picked up each object and devoured my handiwork *sigh*. But it also made me happy because it meant he loved it, he only goes for things he finds attractive)

Hopefully, one day I will make the jungle I intended to but for now, I think this worked perfectly.


2 thoughts on “TINGA TINGA TINGA TINGA… Tales from Africa

  1. Awwwww I saw and tasted the cake and i am sure i dont have to tell you it was yum. LOL @ I could feel my heart ripping in wo as he picked up each object and devoured my handiwork. lol that is funny…. I can’t imagine how it feels… it took ages to bake and trying to make it perfect and then it is devoured in less than the time it takes to make it. it is a good sign though. well done.

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