In-law series: 2012 final edition

When H2’s sister and husband (BIL) are in town, H2 and I become the children…….. we meet up with them, go shopping with them, ooh and aahh at their purchases, carry the shopping bags and then end up in a good restaurant usually Royal China, eat, gist and let our ‘parents’ settle the bill. This mainly happens with H2’s sister, with BIL we skip the shopping and go straight to dinner.

Last week he was in town and we decided to take him out to dinner, act like adults, settle the bill et al…. then somewhere down the line we decided a meal at home was better seeing as he is in London without his family and had probably been eating out regularly anyway.

The plan was dinner at ours on Thursday evening at 7:30pm, I get back home from work at 7pm and as per usual H2 promised him 3 courses, my brain started working overtime….

……BIL is quite British; he was in boarding school in Bristol from the age of 6, stayed in the UK until his early 30s and then moved back to Nigeria.

My dilemma – Naija food or a good roast….

First Course: DVs creamy avocado prawns and plantain delight (

Everybody loves plantain and this dish is just delish, I started watching masterchef on and off recently since one of my friends mentioned that it’s all that she watches.  If Michel Roux Jr. asked me to make a classic dish, this is the dish that I would make, plantains are not in the least French but the creamy avocado prawns with the slight hint of garlic, prawns and lashings of butter and cream have the makings of a classic French dish me thinks.

BIL’s verdict: He said it was beautiful and he meant it J

Creamy dodo

Main Course: Sweet potato, yam casserole with grilled smoked haddock (a fusion between Nigerian yam pottage (asaro) and a British potato casserole and a South American Smokey Sweet Potato Soufflé)

BIL did not want rice so I decided to make my special asaro J

BIL’s verdict: he said he loved fish, didn’t really comment on the casserole but his plate was empty and H2 assured me that it was lovely and H2 doesn’t fib to massage my ego.


Dessert: Apple crumble and custard

This was a risky choice because I thought he would either love it or be sick of it from his boarding school days.

I didn’t try to do superwoman, I picked up the crumble and custard from Waitrose, I even bought the essential brand.

BIL’s verdict: he was in heaven; he even did a little dance for us. Apparently he loves apple crumble… clearly I was in the Spirit!

Creamy dodo 2


6 thoughts on “In-law series: 2012 final edition

  1. awwwwh amazing..I don’t eat Prawns but this looks sooooo yummy I want some…how about u dhl some to me and I will deal with the consequences of having prawns later… the Dvees tres much.

  2. lol @ being in the spirit!

    I would ask where you get your food inspiration from, bu tI have come to agree it is a natural skill! dodo and prawns can never go wrong! nom nom nom

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