Ramblings of a hungry, sleep deprived student… Part 2

Princess Vee (lool) has been unusually hyper lately. Some days ago, I started feeling like V2 and decided I was going to go on a cooking spree. Days like this always end up being – me cooking more than I can handle, cooking more food than I can eat, cooking like 4/5 things at the same time (2 amazing dishes, 1 okay dish and 1/2 burnt). When I get in this mood, I can cook for ages and still be hyper after especially if people are around to eat with me (very strange)

I decided to make Singapore rice noodles, sweet and sour sauce, gizzard, special fried rice and jollof rice. My certified food taster was there…….. The special fried rice was a disaster; that is what I burnt. The Singapore rice noodles and sweet and sour sauce were actually quite impressive as it was the first time I made it and I didn’t follow any recipe (V3 will be mad)..

I will keep on trying to perfect my skills. By May, I will be cooking perfect Chinese food. I am looking for more food tasters. Any volunteers?



One thought on “Ramblings of a hungry, sleep deprived student… Part 2

  1. Aaaaah! I want to be a taster! lol..
    If I ever move to London, I’d definitely volunteer..lol. ūüėõ
    Food looks good! *thumbs up*

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