I have had the urge to write about the most beautiful women I know besides my mother. My sisters’ birthdays are all in the space of two weeks and I have just been appreciating them daily. When I say beautiful I mean beautiful in every sense of the word – Possessing qualities that give great satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc., excellent of its kind, someone who is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty for perfection, a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense, graceful, excellent quality, elegant, good hearted, talented, well skilled, generous, intellectual. Yes, beauty is subjective and this is what beauty means to me.

They are so naturally beautiful; they are very intelligent without even trying, graceful, skilled, sweet and very God fearing. My mum is all this and more; she is the definition of a Proverbs 31 woman and I guess they have learnt from her. Their love for God moves me every day, it inspires me. When we were younger we never understood how my mum was willing to do everything and anything to help anyone even if it was to give the last thing she had. I was often told I had my mum’s heart as a child but that is something I can only wish for. I have slowly watched my sisters become this even though they don’t realize it. They are so kind hearted and nice. V1 will do anything to make people comfortable and loves people around her no matter whom you are, V2 will let people go even when they have wronged her and forgive them effortlessly, and V3 is ridiculously nice. You people do not realize but these are all Mummy’s attributes.

My sisters have done a lot to see me grow. I have learnt almost everything I know from them. I often say as a joke that my parents raised them and they in turn raised me. They keep teaching me to be a lady in the full sense of the word – a well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behaviour, a woman regarded as proper and virtuous. How to act in public, how to carry myself, how to behave, what is important and what is not, self-image, I keep learning from them. Our parents always taught us to behave like ladies but seeing my sisters being ladies in every sense of the word has always reinforced my acting proper. If I want to do something that is improper I think “Voke, Vona, Vese would not do this, so why should I?”

Their achievements; where can I even start? When I was little all I used to hear was how great they were doing in school and other things. V1 being first born always set the high standards, V2 surpassed them and V3 will reach that stage and exceed the bar. So I always ask myself, is it me that will break the trend and not do better? Almost every view and belief I have stems from them. If by mistake I say I do not believe in myself or speak negatively about myself at home, I get attacked at once by three of them. I can’t count how many times I have been told “you are the best”. They are so hardworking and independent when I think about some of the things they used to do at my age I just think WOW!

They always say they have watched me grow but I have also watched them grow as well. I have watched them grow from being young to being beautiful, strong women who are wives, mothers, wives to be and mothers to be. I have seen them become strong career women achieving great things at such young ages; I have seen them start a business and be innovative. I have seen them become very supportive wives and amazing mothers. They have taught me how to be independent, take my career and future seriously and achieve great thing. And when I am grown because of the examples I have seen, I know how to have great relationships and friendships, be a supportive wife, treat my husband like a king and my home like a Palace and be an amazing mother. I have learnt not to settle. Although, I am still learning, I have been shown the way. I know how to get on my knees and pray when things are going bad and when things are going great. I know how to put God first and how to keep family and loved ones close to my heart.

Mummy taught us and you people became it and this inspires me every single day. And as you all turn older, I pray God gives you the Grace to be better. Remember your biggest fan is watching you and learning from you every day. Some people are blessed to have role models; I am more blessed to not have to go searching far and wide for my role models. Love you.


4 thoughts on “Superwomen

  1. awwwwwwwww…….thank God i have a sweet younger sister too ooo! i might have been jealous! lol! great post v4 :*

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