Dvees Products


It was H2’s birthday, so we decided to make our Dvees Chapman and Cake in a jar for party favours. Everyone liked party packs (filled with candy, biscuits and drinks) when they were little; something exciting to go home with and we definitely wanted to create that same effect with the Dvees packs. These packs can be for weddings, 21st birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, anything at all really. And from all the positive feedback, I am glad to say we got that effect. People loved it, they were nostalgic and excited. I went home, put my chapman in the fridge and when it was just right, slowly ate my cake from the jar and drank the chapman. Making the Chapman and the cakes was sort of a bonding activity for us. We all had our roles although i struggled to wake up early to start my duties that morning.


V3 is getting married soon so as a way to show her bridesmaids love and to tell them she loves them, and would like them to be her bridesmaids, she made macarons with love. These macarons can be a gift; a way to tell someone thank you, or something sweet, or just to fulfill your sugar cravings and guilty pleasures.



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