Watch your portions!!!!!

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Because of our love for food, it’s so easy to eat and pile calories in our body. It’s funny how when we eat even at parties, the plate is full with rice and then the salad is a very small addition and then you have one or two pieces of meat or drum stick at the top of the plate. Even growing up most people will testify to the fact that you could not eat your meat or chicken till the rice or eba or yam or whatever the carbohydrate you were eating was finished. The meat/turkey/chicken which is protein was like the reward for eating the CARBS!!!!!!

In as much as I love food and unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you see it, I have a very sweet tooth. I love CAKES and desserts but I also like to eat well. I started to think there must be a way to eat healthy and still enjoy these treats occasionally and not pile the pounds….and I should be able to lose weight if I choose to without all the starvation diets.

So I researched and with my nutritional knowledge found out that most of our Nigerian foods are high in carbohydrates. We should be eating carbohydrates but what we should not be doing is filling our plates with it. We should be eating more fruits, vegetables and proteins and even dairy products and drink more water than we do. If you are struggling with portion control buy a portion plate on amazon:, rosemary conley does one too:


This shows how our plates should look, I can say that I hardly see people’s vegetable that size on our plates including me (face covered). The whole grains below represent the carbohydrates and starchy food (yam, rice, pasta, bread, eba, pounded yam (most of swallow food)).


Typical Nigerian Serving


More like it!!!

I have started eating like this and intend to start the same with H1. I don’t know what he is going to think?  I think he will ask me if the rice has finished. Lol.



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