Afriscover article on DVees

Hey guys, Afriscover put up a post on DVees. Check them out, we are big fans of their work!–get-acquainted-.html



Afriscover – more than just your regular directory.


At Afriscover we are building an African-focused interest discovery platform that helps tourists, expats, repats and locals find the perfect bar or restaurant as they move around the African neighbourhoods.  Unlike other discovery sites, we aim to be more than just a search site but a platform that delivers an interactive user experience right from the first click. Here’s how we do this:


Photos – We believe in graphics and illustrations. Humans are instantly excited by pictures and so we deliver on photos to help users to connect visually with restaurants and bars, especially those they have not been to. Photos often help the decision-making process of where to go and why. Everything looks better with pictures – it is safe to say you will never find a venue on our site without a set of recently taken photographs. 🙂

Updated Information – We have personally verified all the information in our restaurant and bar database. We source reliable contact information, opening times, specific tips on the ambience and menu of the local restaurants and bars. We like dependable websites and we reckon you do too! 

Venue visibility – Just like the saying, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other’s gold”, we recognise both dated and recently opened bars and restaurants. Everyone seems to forget their old favourites when a new place opens. We want to improve the visibility of the overlooked ones and remind you why you loved them initially

Your Voice – Our blog is primarily focussed on giving a voice to upcoming food and liquor enthusiasts. We blog about the strides that are being taken by the generation Y to redefine their passion in all things food and liquor; it motivates us too.


We are currently present in Lagos and have begun our expansion projects into Abuja and Accra. Visit, and help contribute in making Africa local.


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