DVees Shakara Cuisine Seasoning Collection

There’s a Latin saying that says Savoury seasonings stimulate the appetite, we totally agree and are extremely excited to introduce…..
DVees Shakara Cuisine Seasoning Collection:
1. DVees Suya Pepper Rub – a delightful mix of roasted peanuts and spices; excellent rub for red meat.
Suya (n) – flame-grilled strips of well-seasoned spicy beef on a skewer; popular street food in West Africa, originally from the Hausa people of northern Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger 

2. DVees Sweet Rub – perfect for hot chocolate or coffee. Try sprinkling on French toast, pancakes, fruits & cereal. For a twist; add to cakes before baking and dust over biscuit.  Use to caramelise nuts or meat while roasting.

3. DVees African Pepper Soup Spice Blend – an aromatic, intensely flavoured blend of African herbs.

Nigerian pepper soup is good for the soul; warming and comforting. It is the soup that soothes all ails; down with the flu, just had a baby, recovering from malaria, need a hug, etc.

Shakara Cuisine [sha-ka-ra] – Elaborate and skilfully prepared Ethnic cuisine with a modern twist.

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