Vintage themed bridal shower for V3 – Planned and Styled by DVees

To celebrate sweet, adorable and loveable Vese aka Likilikimama aka BabaK’s Rosie; our very own V3 of DVees, we threw her an intimate vintage themed bridal shower. With beautiful vintage china, a pretty pink sweets table, a chapman lemonade station and pastel flowers we created the ultimate girly girl shower.

Looking for a venue with the décor that we wanted or one that would give us the free rein to style as we wished was proving difficult so we decided to use V2’s home as the location for the shower and transform and style it to create a pretty but shabby chic atmosphere.

Planning was soo much fun, we had so many hilarious moments:
1. V4 initially found a vintage tearoom that was the perfect venue for the shower, she was about to sign the contract when V2 reviewed the documentation and found that the tea room was in Yorkshire (198 miles from where we reside)…….V4 has great ideas but can be in her own world sometimes.

2. V1 insisting that only canapés weren’t going to fly and that we had to serve jollof rice and chicken as well so people were satisfied… V1 and her typical mummy behaviour 🙂

3. V2 asking V1 to tie ropes on the balloons so they could float. V1 calmly responding if the balloons aren’t floating now why will they float if I tie ropes on them. And the 30secs it took V2 to realise that the balloons didn’t have helium so they couldn’t float. She’s the non-scientist in the house… can’t blame her

So many more that will take too long to explain in this post…

We enjoyed planning; everyone had their own little project and what they were interested in and it made us remember just how similar and also different we are. V1 was all about making sure we had enough food and that the budget was followed being the mummy. V2 was all about cute canapés and decor. V4 was all about having a great theme, sending our the perfect invites and getting V3 the perfect dress!

H3  was the perfect husband to be. He wanted V3 to have the very best of everything.


We love V3 soooo much and are so happy that she is about to become a wife, sniff sniff…


Planned and Styled by DVees

Coordinated by the best CBM ever, the one and only V4 aka Pompom aka Princess Pebbles Pxxxxxxxxx

DSC02718 DSC02721 DSC02736 DSC02742 DSC02745 DSC02748 DSC02751 DSC02763 DSC02770 DSC02772 DSC02775 DSC02793 DSC02802 DSC02815 DSC02822 DSC02838 DSC02850 DSC02888 DSC02910 DSC02913 DSC02925 DSC02937 DSC02955 DSC02967 DSC02973 DSC02976 DSC02979 DSC03060 DSC03069 DSC03089 DSC03090

DSC03153DSC03099 DSC03102 DSC03114 DSC03118 DSC03132 DSC03148 DSC03158 DSC03165 DSC03170 DSC03174 DSC03179 DSC03186 DSC03188 DSC03200 DSC03203 DSC03207 DSC03208

DSC03142 DSC03138DSC03247 DSC03250 DSC03268 DSC03289 DSC03301 DSC03323 DSC03412 DSC03415 DSC03427 DSC03436 DSC03456 DSC03458 DSC03460 DSC03463


6 thoughts on “Vintage themed bridal shower for V3 – Planned and Styled by DVees

    1. Angelsbeauty in fact you should have had a special mention for all your under cover work and purchases…. you are an absolute star. We love you. Xx

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