DVees Weekly Meal Planner

Ironically H2 and I quibble quite a bit about food. Ironically because you would think that with my love for food and cooking that I would have that aspect locked down…  ahem!

He prefers me to shop online, I prefer to go to the supermarket and choose my own food, I love supermarkets as in I literally skip down the aisles…… I window-shop in Tesco and M&S, the way people window-shop in Zara and Selfridges.

He thinks I should shop in bulk, I hate shopping in bulk because it means that I am limited to whatever I have bought for the month, and it stifles my creativity in the kitchen!!!!

He thinks our food allowance is way too much, I think food is expensive!!! I am actually planning to let him do the monthly food shopping one of these days so that he realises how expensive food is.

If you remember one of the proposed solutions to our food quibbles (https://dvees.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/h2-declares-no-more-rice-please/) was a food timetable/ meal planner.

DVees meal planner

Thoughts on the planner

  1. Most of the meals need to be freshly prepared (except maybe the beans, jollof and fried rice), not very wise on my part….
  2. I need to be stricter about enforcing Thursday as a non-cooking day.
  3. There are a number of yam based dishes…. This cannot be good for the food budget because yam is very very expensive.

………but hey I still thought it was a good planner to share with you guys, acts as a good inspiration board too. I just need to make sure that there’s chicken stew in the freezer for the ‘I’m not going into the kitchen’ days 🙂